Advantages of using a Direct Lender Like Veritas Funding Scottsdale

Veritas Funding - Scottsdale is the mortgage lender you can trust.

Your #1 Direct Lender: Veritas Funding Scottsdale Branch

When you work with a direct mortgage lender, you apply with the same company who will be documenting, approving and funding your home loan. It’s a one-stop shop and it has some major advantages.

The key advantage is that you’ll be able to develop a relationship with the lender’s team of professionals. Once they have a better understanding of your financial situation, they will work with you one-on-one to determine the appropriate commercial mortgage program for you. If traditional lenders have failed to provide you with a clear path to a funded loan, turn to a direct lender to avoid the headache entirely.

Advantages: Rates, Speed, and Reliability

Banks do not always have the best interest rates. In fact, they’re more expensive than most other options. Banks are aware that you have a checking account, possibly an auto loan, and possibly a credit card. They have your implicit trust as well. After all, you already have many accounts with them. When compared to a direct lender, this implicit trust can lead to somewhat higher mortgage rates.

Established direct lenders have earned a solid reputation over time by providing exceptional customer service and maintaining a spotless record. Direct lenders are also aware that they lack the brand recognition of a national bank. They can compensate for this by offering better mortgage rates at a cheaper cost than a bank.

Even if a direct lender has cheaper mortgage rates than their competitors in the business, low rates are meaningless if the transaction does not close. When a company loses control of the approval process, the chances of it not closing increase. Control is a significant benefit of working with a direct lender.

Your Realtor will also like the fact that you’re working with a direct lender who has complete control over the loan flow, as opposed to a mortgage broker who may or may not be available next month and has little influence over contract closing dates and other details.

A direct lender is the obvious choice if speed, reliability, and competitive rates are crucial to you while applying for a loan.

Veritas Funding Scottsdale Partial Team — Branch Manager: Amir Zandifar

What you get when working with Veritas Funding Scottsdale

With the power of digital advantages on our side, Veritas Funding — Scottsdale is able to offer the white glove customer service you’d expect with loan products, mortgage rates and low closing costs traditional lenders and mortgage brokers can’t touch. Veritas Funding Scottsdale is managed by Amir Zandiar, arguably one of the best and most experienced direct lenders in the business. His team has closed and funded more than 36,000 people. Veritas Funding makes the entire process from application to close one you’d never expect to be so quick and painless.

Connect with one of the mortgage loan officers today to find out more on how a direct lender like Veritas Funding — Scottsdale can better serve you.



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